Wakened Online

RunUO shard running on SA Era with 34 players currently online.

A Stygian Abyss era shard with active development, powerful dedicated servers, and regional routing to help improve game play for all.

Site: http://www.wakened.net
Host: login.wakened.net · Port: 2593
Join Date: February 15, 2014

Votes Online Peak Hits Uptime
0 34 71 9349 99.54%

2 Comments about Wakened Online

  1. Blacklight

    - 10:20 September 26, 2017

    Admins are extra-helpful and actively developing content. Events are common and the holiday events are just great. The players are quite friendly you should definitely try it out if you want to experience the old-school classic Ultima.

  2. rm-rf

    - 07:50 January 01, 2015

    Best holiday events I have ever seen... and the players here are very helpful. I think I will stay here.

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