Europa 25

RunUO shard running on AOS Era with 0 players currently online.

Age Of Shadows, Publish 25, PVP/PVE Server, 720 Skill Cap, 3 Accounts Per IP, There is no other server like ours that is as accurate to Age Of Shadows mimicing Publish 25 which was the most contested and enjoyable and fun expansion. Boasting the exact Spell Cast Delays and Spell Interupt Delays from the Publish and Combat Style System. European Dedicated Host with all round good connection to other parts of the world. So Join Today, You Wont Be Disappointed.

Language: European
Host: · Port: 2593
Join Date: February 15, 2014

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0 OFF 124 3562 97.93%

2 Comments about Europa 25

  1. Catcher

    - 20:31 August 12, 2016

    Very nice all working server with couple of custom features to motivate PvP activity. Some glitches happen with login time to time, but not really often. The only AOS server with !> playable ping <! in Europe, think about this !!! I honestly checked them all.

  2. miki

    - 22:58 May 26, 2015

    Best AoS pvp server period!!!

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