ServUO shard running on HS Era with 32 players currently online.

Heritage -

Up and running for 538 days as of 7/7/2017.

A UO clone all the expansions.

Newest content to include:
- Full Enhanced Client and Classic Client support.
- FULL TOL SUPPORT. ALL skill masteries.
- Shadowguard! The newest TOL encounter.
- Virtue vs Vice (VvV)(Newest UO PVP system)
- Clean Up Britannia
- Town Loyalty / Governorship
- Bard and Skill Masteries (new TOL expansion)
- Covetous Void pool encounter
- Shame Crystal and boss system
- High seas 100%
- Imbue / Reforge
- Castle Blackthorn Dungeon
- Custom content and a balanced economy.

Dedicated Server - 24/7 99.9% uptime.

We run this shard on a base set of values and ethics and you WILL see it. LOYALTY, DUTY, RESPECT, HONOR, and most importantly INTEGRITY!

Site: http://trueuo.com
Host: play.trueuo.com · Port: 2593
Join Date: May 27, 2015

Votes Online Peak Hits Uptime
10 32 111 4405 89.23%

7 Comments about Heritage

  1. Brosephine

    - 10:53 July 15, 2017

    Awesome server! Fully updated for maximum fun! Great people, great staff. Come play with us. :)

  2. Omalley

    - 21:13 July 12, 2017

    07/12/17: #1 Shard! Summer festival, Now is a great time to check out Heritage! 3 Accounts, Unlimited Housing, 100% High Seas, 100% Ter Mur.. & More.. Just like real UO, with subtle changes to make it more fun! Register with the website, and earn 200k Gold, and a welcome package! Every Character gets 100% LRC beginners suit, Stat (225) and Skill (5 Skills to 90) Boosts too! So come check it out! and check out the Annual Summer Festival that runs ALL SUMMER LONG!

  3. Omalley

    - 19:33 July 08, 2017

    Absolutely the most fun I have had on a private server!

  4. Xtal

    - 09:10 June 22, 2017

    Love this shard! Friendly community, dedicated admin, constantly updating content to match the production servers. Basically an OSI clone, without the broken economy, but with a few custom quality of life changes.

  5. A_ponderance

    - 20:37 December 20, 2016

    Great shard! 720 skillcap, 225 attributes. Just like the real thing, except the population is low. But, on the bright side, that means you can place any kind of house you want without spending a week searching monster-infested areas ! Really nice little perks I haven't seen before on a free server. The GMs are wonderful, friendly. They even go hunt with us on champ spawns. This is my new UO home!

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