UO Redemption

RunUO shard running on UOR Era with 72 players currently online.

UO Redemption is a new Renaissance era free shard with new content for all types of players to enjoy and a focus on old school PvP. Features: Dedicated and professional staff, dedicated hosting, lenient rules, unique bounty system, Felucca only, balanced PvP, 700 skill cap, 225 stat cap, nox magery, no item insurance, reasonable skill gain, power scrolls for non combat skills, +1 skill scrolls, custom and classic houses with the modern housing system, new house designs like the large stone keep, tents, galleon ships, smooth boat movement with mouse control, champion spawns, paragon monsters, gambling, events, stackable potions, enhanced crafting with custom craftables, new dungeons, new dungeon levels and more.

UO Redemption supports the Classic Client and the latest Enhanced Client.

Hosted on a 100Mbps dedicated server in the U.S. in a professionally maintained data center.

Language: English
Site: http://www.UORedemption.com
Host: play.uoredemption.com · Port: 2593
Join Date: February 16, 2014

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0 72 118 11143 97.31%

12 Comments about UO Redemption

  1. Testy

    - 11:58 October 10, 2014

    Returning player . Great shard, UO is fun again. Land area is wide open - no houses on Ice Island! But, lots going fast. Adam (owner) has been great.

  2. tonishha

    - 05:16 October 05, 2014

    Great shard, lots of unique monsters and mini events! The owner/GM is amazing and responsive to his players! Come join us!!

  3. Kael

    - 02:01 October 05, 2014

    Very sweet shard! Thanks Adam and UO Redemption for restoring my faith in free shards !

  4. Epicurus

    - 10:22 October 03, 2014

    Amazing server. Great owner. Lot's of cool spawns and maps. It's the little things though that really make UO Redemption great.

  5. TenTacos

    - 23:42 October 02, 2014

    Having a great time on this shard. It's still fairly new with tons of available housing. If you are looking for a great time, i recommend this shard! Owner greets you when you start and very prompt! Come join up!!!

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