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Experience the world of Ultima Online the way it was meant to be.

We offer the atmosphere many people look back to when they refer to the "old days" of undivided lands - with the difference of a functional, largely bug free gaming experience.

Our world is not about instant gratification, gaudy neon colored items, item-based game play and holding player's hands all along the way. You are held responsible for your own actions but you also have the freedom to pursue the career of your choice without being hampered in the use of your skills of choice.

Brave warriors, skilled craftsmen, studied mages, clever tinkers, long fingered thieves, tireless treasure hunters, assassins for hire and many other professions are all part of the community. You need not be honest or even honorable in your undertakings, but know that your reputation will be known throughout the lands, and rumor travels fast.

If you are not afraid to be the master of your own fate, join us in the lands of Britann

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