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1) We're a very stable server and we listen to the ideas of our players. Most significant changes are reasoned out first and if they're considered doubtful, we just don't implement them. Planned wipes( Deleting characters and/or items) are out of bounce. Partial wipes are considered only in special cases or to normalize economy/implement a new idea. Therefore it'll be done only after it has been thought out. We don't take random people as staf. To become a staf member and have a possiblity to make changes in-game, administration of the project must have enough confidence in that person. And he/she must have some record in helping the project.
2) This is a non-profit project. Playing on this shard is for free. If you want to help us, you can make donations though.
3) Universality. We're making this project to make it interesting in all of the aspects of mmorpg. It doesn't matter what your interests are either it's pvp/pvm or rpg, you will find your place here.

Site: http://en.uorpg.net
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