Ultima Shards Multiverse

ServUO shard running on AOS Era with 117 players currently online.

A revolutionary project pushing the boundaries of what UO is capable of. Experience quality content from top developers. Join the Multiverse today!

Professionally maintained by the sole maintainers of the RunUO and ServUO emulators that most freeshards use.

Age of Shadows - Released July 2nd, 2016

The Second Age - Currently In Development

UOR, ML - Not Yet In Development

Experience your favorite UO Expansions with mechanical accuracy with tons of Enhanced Features and Bonus Content!

Enhanced Guild Experience

Instanced Dungeons

Levelable Pets

Customizable Spell Hues

Galleons And Piracy

Improved Luck and Loot

BODs And Bribery

Weekly PvP and PvM Events

PvP Centered Systems


And MUCH, MUCH More!

The Ultima Shards Multiverse brings players the most unique, accurate, and incredible

Language: ALL
Site: http://www.ultima-shards.com
Host: portal.ultima-shards.com · Port: 2593
Join Date: August 11, 2016

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3 Comments about Ultima Shards Multiverse

  1. Mytila

    - 10:31 March 03, 2017

    Best staff out there, not just skill wise, always 24/7 to assist with your questions, even if they arey are noobish :D Since Blitz left, very nice community ,helping and friendly, most of the guys who play there for a while will help you start up and wont disturb you farming for a while to let you catch up. Also discord chat helps a lot to new players to find out about custom stuff so you dont need to surf their wiki :D PVP could be more, but PVE wise there is non stop fun especially for guilds with 5 or more core guys

  2. Punkte

    - 19:50 February 21, 2017

    Hey all! We've just recently released an enormous amount of content! As of the time of this post, Publish 2.2 was released which makes it super easy for players to get started! We've boosted the startup stats/skills on new characters as well as providing them with free powerhour reset tokens. Additionally, ALL Guilds created will have a 2 week XP boost from killing monsters. We've also just increased the Loot levels in game as well! If there was ever a time to start off new, now is that time! Publish 2.1 was released last week and with it a large amount of content as well, including: + Galleons And Piracy + Levelable Pets (ALL PETS) + Galleon/Ship Crafting + Automated Galleon Crews (Fire Cannons and Repair) + PvP Village + More PvP Battleground Games + No Insurance (FULL LOOT) Arena + Notification And Spell Hue Customization (Pink Fireballs =P) + PvP Loadouts For Unranked Games (Just Choose Skills, Create Your Gear, And PvP) + A TON MORE! Check out the recent Publishes here! http://ultima-shards.com/forums/forums/64/

  3. Don Killa

    - 19:06 November 01, 2016

    Great shard hard working staff weekly events! PVP lacking but could be something in a hurry. Have fun instances which i was skeptical about in first now i play daily, the gear you get from instance is not OP lots of deco items ect. Gotta lvl your scrolls up 5 10 15 20 rather then just poping a 20 creates a market and champ spawn pvp lot of fun hope you guys really try this 1 out!!!

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