UO An Corp

RunUO shard running on T2A Era with 8 players currently online.

UO An Corp. Diligent and talented developers have brought you an Ultima Online experience unlike any other. An Corp provides attractive features to EVERY-SINGLE-TYPE of Ultima Online player. We have a solid pvp foundation rooted in old school mechanics, while offering new PvE features such as "Portals" where you can craft your own dungeons. Roleplayers are also in full swing, attracted by no-mount policies and seer events.

UO An Corp will thrill you, entertain you and challenge you. Our vision is very conservative. You will NOT find disco-balls here, nor will we ever charge for skill gain.

The An Corp staff represent seasoned coders, community managers and players who have actively participated in Ultima Onlines lifespan for over 14 years. Let's build a world together.

Site: http://www.uoancorp.com/
Host: login.uoancorp.com · Port: 2593
Join Date: February 17, 2014

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16 Comments about UO An Corp

  1. Darkbane

    - 21:40 February 09, 2015

    Anyone who left official UO after the introduction of Robot Space Ninjas, take note. UO an corp is a great revamp of the GOOD OLE DAYS of UO. THE BEST CLASSIC UO SHARD PERIOD.

  2. Kadull

    - 18:15 February 08, 2015

    This is the second incarnation of In Por Ylem 3. When In Por Ylem 3 was cancelled just before it's launch, the code was handed over to the shards current admin. While the concept was interesting, it is already in it's second incarnation, after a drastic dip in the shards playerbase/population, due to bad management. Unfortunately, that management is still in charge, and the shards population is seeing the exact same decline it did last time. I can no recommend investing any time in a shard that is as doomed to fail as this one. In 3 - 6 months time, UO An Corp will almost certainly close their doors again, and you will all have to start over somewhere else... again. There are many shards out there, with much more successful histories, and I highly recommend all over them over UO An Corp.

  3. Goblinoh

    - 12:22 January 19, 2015

    UO An Corp should be a first stop in any players start. Even if its a move and restart from another server. This server is worth a go and should be what the original game was like and about.

  4. broem

    - 02:20 January 14, 2015

    This is going to kick butt! The new changes are looking EPIC

  5. Flight

    - 11:25 January 10, 2015

    Anyone with an interest in UO free shards should give this a go. I played for a few months on their last launch. They have put massive amounts of work in and have some great unique ideas and systems.

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