Utopia Unchained

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The best and most elaborate shard of the Ural region. We do not look like anything else! No elves and gnomes, colorful heaps of wood, ores, etc., spraying attention! A cruel world where strong people live! Perfected in six years, the PvP system will allow you to show your best qualities of a warrior, and tournaments, games and quests will not get bored! In this case, and the RPG we have at the height: Merchant / Craft? No antitrust committees - enslave the economy! Leader?! Create a guild, control entire regions of the world, lead the best! But do not tell everything - the study of the world and its possibilities is no less fun. Shard has a number of unique ideas - a completely rewritten, unique PvP system, Magic and many skills, the growing up of the character, the system of contracts for monsters and much more. Become a Utopian! Play with us!

Language: Russian
Site: http://uounchained.ru/
Host: · Port: 5003
Join Date: October 18, 2017

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