Dark Crusaders

RunUO shard running on Custom Era with 3 players currently online.

Unique custom shard running 5+ years with PvP and PvM. Skill gates & starting armor, guildtowns, casino, arenas, custom creatures & items, Kid Zone. Skills work up to 135 w/ps & 350 stat cap, 1 acc/ip & 3 houses. More added all the time. Where the Darkness may engulf you.

Language: english
Site: http://darkcrusaders-uo.webs.com/
Host: darkcrusaders.servegame.org · Port: 2593
Join Date: February 20, 2014

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9 Comments about Dark Crusaders

  1. William

    - 19:28 January 17, 2016

    The current address for Dark Crusaders is port 2593

  2. jackdun

    - 03:31 December 06, 2015

    just glad your back on enjoy playing ...thanks

  3. William

    - 23:39 December 05, 2015

    Still online! Network issues have been improved drastically. Testing for the new Dark Crusaders server will be happening soon! The updates will bring new maps, monsters, items, quests, events and adventures! I thank everyone for playing Dark Crusaders, it would not have evolved so much if there was no player interest.

  4. William

    - 22:03 November 22, 2015

    The current address for Dark Crusaders is port 2593

  5. jackdun

    - 22:33 October 26, 2015

    I have played for years on many different shards..this shard is without a doubt one of the best..come in and give it a try you will not be disappointed...

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