Sphere shard running on Custom Era with 0 players currently online.

No Skill Cap; 230 Stat Cap, with a max of 150 for STR-INT and 100 for DEX (base value)
Sphere 51a game Mechanics
New Custom scripts and systems created specifically for UO Fusion
Felucca PvP Shard plus dungeons areas taken from other maps (PVP is enabled everywhere)
No insurance, FULL-LOOT
No pre-cast, No pre-hit
Speech room to trade safetely
Cast allowed while running/walking
Many special home decorations to steal from dangerous places
Sphere 51a Style PvP/PvM Combat
Newbie Dungeon No PvP Zone to help new players get started.
All of dungeons, since The Second Age to High Seas
Unique armor/weapons (craft/drop/treasure)
The Second Age classic crafting menus
Totally new and revamped guild system
Improved house system, use classic house or build your own from ground
Automatic siege systems
Guarded and non-guarded towns.
Many classic and totally new mounts to tame
Bandage resurrection on a corpse with auto re-equips items
Improved treasure system
Bomberman game

Language: ENG - ITA
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