UO Client SDK:
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UO Client Projects

  • UOClientSDK - An asynchronous networking library for connecting to a UO server.
  • Wombat SDK - An SDK based on UltimaSDK, but with an improved class structure, making it WPF compatible.
  • RunUO Server Admin - Ultima Online Freeshard Server Administrator Utility for Windows.

UO Demo Projects

  • UO Demo - UO Demo or UODemo refers to the Ultima Online Demo released by Origin Systems Inc in 1998 on the UO:Second Age Retail CD. It was as the name hints, an offline playable demo of the Ultima Online game back then. The information in this wiki is derived from reverse engineering the demo consisting of one executable file and one data file.

  • Licensing

    Licensing agreements for projects within the repository vary. Please note the presence of any license files within individual projects.