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UO:R, 700/225, Sallos, Ter Mur/Felucca ruleset. A premier free-to-play Ultima Online server prided on accountability, transparency and era perfected game mechanics. Our mission and promise to the community is to offer a player before profit realm free of staff corruption or any type of player gained favoritism. We scaled back the map and offer a handful of traditional dungeons as well as new and instance dungeons. UO Heroes has deployed two never-before-seen systems one being a staff monitoring console that records and reports staff action data with Splunk® Enterprise and support from a data analytics team. Giving the players never before seen visibility and transparency on what is happening behind the scenes. To support the thriving economy; we have also introduced a resource monitor that displays individual resource counts and associated trends of consumables in a new way to effectively gauge the supply and demand of the virtual market in real time.

Language: English
Site: https://uoheroes.com
Host: login.uoheroes.com · Port: 2593
Join Date: October 16, 2018

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