Ultima Online Stones

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UO Stones [TOL Era] USA Hosted Shard. But everyone is welcome! Completely reworked and overhauled skills, an Combat Mechanics. The most custom content you will find on a shard out today! Including a brand new Artifact system with over 10,000,000 Items you can obtain in the world. Advanced item socketing system with all new Skills/Passive skill Runes, D3/POE inspired, Custom one of a kind Rift system with all new random dungeons and mobs, every rift is different and never the same. Much more content take only a moment to check us out and you will not wanna leave!

Site: https://uostones.ucoz.net/
Host: uostones.play.ai · Port: 2593
Join Date: October 16, 2019

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  1. HeamoGoblin

    - 02:45 November 08, 2020

    One of the most custom and updated shards out today! Truly balanced economy balanced pets, balanced items, crafters dream totally reworked combat system including reworked PVM! Yes you can be a just a mage and kill dragons or take the tamer path and let an evo pet do it for you! Totally awesome staff that works with players on every content patch to bring to life a shard of custom content everyone wants to play! Join today you will not wanna leave tomorrow Uo Stones is your one stop shop!

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