Confictura: Legend & Adventure

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Brand new custom private UO shard! Custom client files required to play.

Not too long ago the Stranger arrived in Sosaria and foiled the evil plans of Exodus. Castle Exodus lies in ruins and Sosaria is once again at peace.

- Custom client download link available in our Discord
- Based in Sosaria just after the time of Ultima III: Exodus
- Improved graphics and visual effects
- Unique and challenging customized maps and dungeons with many huge areas to explore
- New items, creatures, and quests
- Previously useless skills not have a purpose
- Modified gameplay mechanics to provide a fresh and challenging experience
- New and modified spells and variations of magic for players to master and use in and out of battle
- Economy altered to encourage different play styles
- Learn about the game world within the game world itself by talking to NPCs, in libraries, or old tomes found deep in dungeons
- Exciting single-player or multi-player adventuring an

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