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Established Sept. '22, UO Hyperion is an AoS content based server with snappy pre-AoS mechanics. It feels damn good. UO:H was made for crafters, PvM players, PvP players, and everyone in between.

You wont find blindingly ugly hued wearables here. We dont totally obsess over deco. We do however obsess over groups, champs, drops, and most of all community. Were here to hang out and play.

The simple player leveling system and accelerated skill gains allow even the most time strapped players to enjoy themselves. Just hop on and do your thing. Every new character starts with an ethy horse (except gargoyles of course), blessed house placement tool, scissors & dagger, regs, some band aids, and a bit of gold.

We are not pay to win - While you can support the server and get plat, plat also has a chance to drop on every mob (except trash mobs).

Hyperion's server is located in Chicago on a 1gbps port, with nearly 100% uptime aside from our updates. Minor updates happen nearly every da

Site: https://uohyperion.com
Host: login.uohyperion.com · Port: 2593
Join Date: April 1, 2023

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