UO Lost Lands

RunUO shard running on T2A Era with 31 players currently online.

T2A done right. NO DONATION SHOP, active development, amazing website, unique achievement system, PvM/PvP rankings, 100+ spawning rares, plenty of automated events: CTF, DD, Bagball, Survival, Tournaments, FFA, Town Invasions.

Site: http://www.uolostlands.com
Host: login.uolostlands.com · Port: 2593
Join Date: September 13, 2014

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10 Comments about UO Lost Lands

  1. Skrappa

    - 21:56 October 12, 2015

    Played UOSA several years actively. Lost Lands is everything that UOSA doesn't have. Relative in population, automated events, active rewards system. The GM is extremely active and always improving the system, I look forward to my time to come!

  2. Swunk

    - 05:59 July 26, 2015

    Oh man it just keeps getting better.

  3. Swunk

    - 01:31 June 13, 2015

    If you like T2A + have the time to kill playing UO. This is your shard.

  4. Saintangeles

    - 09:15 May 04, 2015

    Long termer here. Nostalgic for the era plus patches that improve upon the dynamic of player progress. PvP oriented tournaments, invasions, low housing.

  5. Marku

    - 20:25 January 23, 2015

    Great Shard, nice community

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