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The Bank (larger Boxes)

Holds more items
The Library (Including Runes)

By Britain Faction base
A Player Market (Via Vendor boards at banks)

All players can add your vendor house to the board and the board will gate them to the vendor house
A Casino (Custom Poker, Black jack and lotto)

All casino systems are modifieYou'll notice a few vendors around some towns that custom items that arte unique to this server, and example is a faction vendor that sales custom Pots and items that are unique to the faction system. Some items are in help defending sigils and bases to help hold towns.
Player interactive NPC and quests

To entice Role Players, we have made custom NPCs that will interact with you as you approach them, giving you information to secret areas and custom themed spawns.

Unique Crafting and BODS

The crafting system has uniquely craft-able items each skill has these items as well as the BOD system.
The BOD system has 5 categories

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    Decisions Your choices and the choices of other players can shape the world and dictate the lore of the realm. Enjoy real-time combat where whether you live, or die is entirely based on skill or in the moment decisions. Build a house, join a guild, or construct your own personal empire the choice is yours.

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